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some BASH topics

9 minute read

The more I use bash the more I find it interesting. Basically every time I encounter a useful bash commands or when I learn something new about a command, I ...

Git for version control

5 minute read

Git is a great version control tool. It allows you to keep a history of your code, sync your project online and collaborate with others.


less than 1 minute read

前段时间忙着毕业。本来以为写完毕业论文就轻松了,仔细看了看学校毕业checklist 发现还有一大堆survey要填。其中有一个叫做 Survey of Earned Doctorates,可以看作是对美帝PhD的普查了,需要先填完这个问卷,学校才会受理你的论文提交。问卷内容非常丰富,包含了各领域PhD的教育背景...